Charlotte is an actress, a comedian, a writer, a musician, a street performer, an improviser – not necessarily in that order! She’s done it all and still does. She vowed never to write a one woman show and so, very recently, she did just that, combining all the skills she has acquired over the years. How did she get to this point? It began many years ago….

She was born in Stockholm. Sweden. Sadly her family moved and she was raised in Surrey. Due to a distinct lack of nutritious Swedish herrings she failed to turn into a six foot blonde stunner.

‘Fascinating watch’ Edinburgh Evening News

She spent her school days being a bit of an idiot. Luckily she realised she might have a future being an idiot for money and so off she went to Middlesex Uni and studied Performance Arts.

‘Genuinely funny and superbly silly’ The List

Realising she actually was quite funny (as much as someone born in Sweden can be) she went on to refine this and studied clowning with John Wright, Philippe Gaulier and David Shiner (all required therapy afterwards)

‘Charlotte Palmer provides out and out stupidity’ Chortle

Whilst still very green, not literally, Charlotte entered the world of Street Theatre. Touring the world in a double act, she learnt how to handle audiences, extreme weather conditions and how to balance on her partner’s shoulders without crying, well, apart from two terrible weeks in Tenerife where she cried every day. And so she became an actress where she gets paid for crying… sometimes.

‘Highly talented’ The Scotsman

Her work has taken her to Berlin, Japan, New York, L.A, London, Toronto, Edinburgh Festival, Glastonbury Festival and many other places.

‘Subtle, engaging actor’ Chortle

She’s written shows, improvised in films , been in several double acts and plays in a professional flute and strings quartet.

‘A gifted performer, sparkled and showed skill’ Daily Express